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With patented Impeller design. CO2 bubbles are broken down constantly inside the reactor and completely dissolved into the water. No loss of CO2 in the system. When using regular (ceramic plates) diffusers, there is loss when the CO2 bubbles reach the water surface. However, in the ISTA External CO2 Ceramic Reactor, there is no CO2 loss in the system. Inside the reactor, the CO2 bubbles are constantly being crushed and dissolved into the water, thanks to the patented Impeller design. 
•CO2 can remain longer in the tank and increases diffusion rate.
•Mounts neatly on the external of the tank.
•Equipped with the ceramic tube to ensure the best diffusing effect.
•Patented impeller design completely crushes the CO2 bubbles and increases the dissolution of CO2 into the water.
•With the transparent chamber, you can check the water flow at a glance.
•Suitable with external filter and canister filter.
•Electricity is not required, since it uses the flow of water from the filter.
•Easy to clean and simple to maintain.