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Why choose this product:
  • 100% natural ingredients;
  • great taste of real chicken fillet;
  • each ingredient is carefully selected, handcrafted and steamed;
  • preserves are of the same quality as human foods;
  • chicken fillet is a valuable source of easily digestible animal protein with a rich composition of vitamins and amino acids in the required proportions for your pet;
  • aloe is added as a topping to give additional flavor to canned food and as a source of fiber, has a choleretic agent, stimulates the immune system and is good for the intestinal mucosa (makes it less sensitive to the passage of toxic substances, reducing the likelihood of skin rashes);
  • weight control due to low calorie density (fat – 1%), which is important for overweight pets;
  • sunflower oil is an additional source of essential omega fatty acids, promotes healthy skin, coat and claws, reduces the risk of hairballs in the kitten’s stomach;
  • Jelly forms an appetizing texture, and is also an additional useful source of fluid that enters the kitten’s body – the key to the health of the pet’s genitourinary system;
  • no flavorings: only the natural delicious smell of well-cooked chicken fillet;
  • without the addition of dyes and preservatives.


Protein 10,5%, crude oils and fats 1%, crude fibre 0,1%, crude ash 1%, moisture 86%.

Analytical components:

Chicken Fillets 61%, aloe 4,7%, sunflower oil 1,4%, rice 1%, minerals.
NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES/KG: vit. A 1700 U.I., vit. D3 120 U.I., vit. E 180 mg, taurine 200 mg, zinc sulphate heptahydrate 132 mg, ferrous sulphate monohydrate 35 mg, manganous sulphate monohydrate 13 mg, potassium iodide 10 mg, cupric sulphate pentahydrate 3 mg.