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Energy mix supporting the muscles – in capsules:
•Muscle-building function
•Enhances stamina and decreases muscle breakdown during the race
•The BCAA (amino acids) ensure less fatigue in the muscles
stabilized rice bran (source of gamma-oryzanol), hydrolyzed wheat gluten protein, Siberian ginseng (1%), grape seed
Analytical constituents:
crude protein 21%, crude fiber 7%, crude fat 15%, crude ash 8%, gamma-oryzanol 2200 mg/kg, glutamine-glutamic acid 16000 mg/kg, isoleucine 1500 mg/kg, leucine 2900 mg/kg, valine 1650 mg/kg, lysine 700 mg/kg, methionine 850 mg/kg, sodium 80 mg/kg
Nutritional Additives
L-carnitine 35000 mg
Directions for use:
Place 1 capsule per pigeon in its beak in the morning and evening.
Increased function through the simultaneous administration of Oropharma Hemolyt 40