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Honey: seeds, cereals, bakery products, honey (2.4%), various sugars, oils and fats
Exotic fruit: seeds, cereals, bakery products, honey, various sugars, fruit (2.4%; pineapple, banana, orange, mango), oils and fats
Forest fruit: seeds, cereals, honey, various sugars, fruit (1.8%; elderberry, cranberry, rose hip), bakery products, oils and fats
Analytical constituents:
Honey: protein 14.4%, fat content 7.6%, crude fibre 5.1%, crude ash 3.8%
Exotic fruit: protein 14.0%, fat content 8,0%, crude fibre 5.4%, crude ash 3.5%
Forest fruit: protein 14.1%, fat content 7.9%, crude fibre 5.5%, crude ash 3.6%
Directions for use:
Provide freely as an addition to the main feed.