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derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables, seeds, minerals
Analytical constituents:
crude protein 15%, crude fat 3.5%, crude fibre 20%, crude ash 8%, calcium 1.2%, phosphorus 0.6%
Nutrirional additives
vitamin A 10475 IU, vitamin D3 1988 IU, vitamin E 200 mg, vitamin C 60 mg, E160a β-carotene 5 mg, E1 iron 22 mg, E2 iodine 2.8 mg, E4 copper 13.7 mg, E5 mangenese 132 mg, E6 zinc 126 mg, E8 selenium 0.27 mg
Technological Additives
Directions for use:
Always provide a large portion so that at least 80% of the ration is made up of Reptilix Tortoise. This will provide the tortoises with enough vitamins and minerals for normal nutrition.
Provide fresh vegetables, fruit and water in addition to Reptilix Tortoise.
To allow the tortoises to get used to the pellets these may initially be mixed with pieces of sliced fruit and vegetables.
We recommend you to replace the pellets daily, especially if they have become moist.