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Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal condition, immunity fertility, and gleaming plumage.
L-carnitine enhances fat metabolism, as a result of which more energy becomes available, and promotes the growth of young birds.
A unique combination of prebiotics (FOS and MOS) to boost good intestinal flora.
egg and egg derivatives, bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, seeds, various sugars, oils and fats, cereals, minerals, honey, FOS, MOS
Analytical constituents:
protein 17,00%, fat content 7,00%, crude fibre 1.50%, crude ash 4.50%, calcium 1.45%, sodium 0.35%, phosphorus 0.40%, lysine 1.05%, methionine 0.33%, threonine 0.58%, tryptophan 0.19%, cystine 0.31%
Nutritional Additives
vitamin A 31250 IU, vitamin D3 1625 IU, vitamin E 250 mg, vitamin K3 3 mg, vitamin B1 7.20 mg, vitamin B2 16 mg, calcium D-pantothenate 20 mg, vitamin B6 6 mg, vitamin B12 0.03 mg, vitamin C 75 mg, niacin 65 mg, choline chloride 1200 mg, folic acid 1.20 mg, biotin 0.20 mg, L-carnitine 75 mg, 3b103 (iron) 50 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 2 mg, E4 (copper) 10 mg, 3b502 (manganese) 100 mg, 3b603 (zinc) 97 mg, E8 (selenium) 0.20 mg
Directions for use:
During the breeding and molting period: provide freely, outside of that: three times a week. Refresh daily.
Moisten these products with germinated seeds, some drops of
water, and grated fruit and/or vegetables.